Jewelry, Amulets, Assemblages & Other Things

Jewelry, Amulets,

Assemblages & Other Things

Fused  Glass Pendant 

This simple drop pendant combines Bullseye clear & various kinds of
dichroic glass to form a long, slender droplet.

Reaching - Driftwood Sculpture

This isn't exactly an assemblage, but it fit better on this page than on any other.  

Whether at an ocean or lake, I love beach combing. 
Drift wood, shells, rocks, and sea glass are my favorite finds.
These three pieces of driftwood from the Northshore
of Lake Superior inspired me!

I used a wooden dowel to hold the hip together.

Done by the Sea Necklace

My leather 'stringer' holds captive a metal & a ceramic fish along with
two actual snail shells.  My lures include the blue glass and several natural stone beads,
flattened brass spacer rings & drilled pieces of tumbled amethyst stone.

Christmas Angel Pin

My first ever attempt at soldering, this Christmas 
angel image, background, and embellishments are layered
between two square glass sheets.
Edges sealed with copper tape, hold the little box together,
topped with a layer of (rather lumpy) solder.  
A pen soldered on back allows this angel
to be worn on a bag or jacket.

Resin Madonna Experiment

                   Creating, at least when I do it, is not about always about perfect outcomes.
Sometimes it is just about learning what works and what doesn't.

One day, I came across a small, shallow, wooden box and decided
to try making it into a shrine to the Madonna.
I'd never tried making a shrine before, but they've always fascinated me -
small, collections of archetypal images embodying the whole
of a faith in something beyond ones' self.

Among my collections are some old Catholic prayer cards.
This Madonna was on one of those cards, here layered
on text and embellished with a section of rosary beads, a heart,
and iridescent flakes.  All are fixed in resin.
Clearly, the rosary metal corroded over time while the metal heart did not.
Not what I expected!  The shrine itself did not turn out as I had hoped, so this Madonna was
ripped out & pieces of resin chipped away.

Despite the yellowing of the resin, I think I prefer this look.
Perhaps one day she will become part of a new shrine.

Seed Bead Amulet Pouch

One long Minnesota winter, I found myself with a bunch of black matte & iridescent
seed beads & directions for how to weave them into a pouch.  
That was the beginning of this creation.  

It is embellished asymmetrically with larger glass beads at the ends of long dangles, 
as well as a silver bead and a flattened, oxidized copper coin woven
into the beaded fabric.  

The long, beaded necklace (not visible) is tucked inside.  This can
be worn as is, or with an amulet hidden away inside the pouch. 

Ruling Angel Assemblage Pendant

Wooden rulers used to be a staple of every elementary school child, 
but they are more difficult to find these days.  

Creating this assemblage, I was thinking about several teachers 
I had over the years, some with quite stern faces.  Even if their
hearts had rusted a bit from years of teaching hordes of unruly student,
even though their ever watchful eyes rarely missed an act of misbehavior,
they taught us.  They cared for us.  They were, in many ways, our angels.

Half-finished Halloween Coat Pin

After working on a different Halloween project, I had all these bits
and pieces left.  They looked like a possibility to me!  Using E 6000, I attach them,
one by one, on the inside of an old political campaign pen.  

I still plan to spray paint it black to create shadows,
then highlight it with Halloween orange.

It was fun juxtaposing my bunny among all the scary skulls & bones,
like a tiny promise of Springtime after a long, dark Winter!

Wheels of Time Pendant

Before buying a small bag of watch parts, I dug through my stash of old
watches and removed the gears and springs.   Here they are,
stuffed into a tiny bottle along with sparkly beads and rods, sealed in
with a cork and ready to be worn.
A reminder that time marches on!

Gone Fishin' Bead Attachment

This single little piece ends with a heart and an iridescent fish on one end
and a lobster claw on the other.  It can be added as an embellishment to
any bracelet, necklace, key chain or you like.

'Down the Rabbit Hole' Charms

I had been sick on week and was on deadline to finish 
20 Alice in Wonderland charms.  Usually, I like to create most,
 or at least some, elements in my work.
Here, I didn't.   

This is more of a craft project than art but it was still fun.
I finished all 20 in time, and met my obligation & took 
care of myself too.

The square metal pendant trays with matching
clear glass cabochons were purchased online, along with the rabbit
and key charms.

I found a copyright free, vintage Alice image online.
Sealed it with Mod Podge, then glued everything together.
together with E 6000. 

Taking credit for something, I did string the small bead strand
 and attached the added charms to the tray with 'O' rings!

Luck of the Irish Pendant

I'm Irish, or at least part Irish.  When I found this round, 5 loop pendant finding,
I was inspired to make something that reminded me of my roots.

Using a ball hammer & my metal block, I cut, pounded and embossed
pieces of metal and brass.  I joined all of these together with glass
beads in blue/green shades of grass and sea, with the quintessential 
image if Ireland, the shamrock. 

Halloween Owl Charm Swap

This was one of my favorite charm swaps 
because I got to practice again my copper tape wrapping 
and soldering skills, which obviously could still use much improvement.  

As with the Christmas Angel Pen (above), these 
vintage owl images were sealed and sandwiched, one facing each side, between
two squares of glass that I cut from microscope slides.  

I wrapped the perimeter copper tape and soldered over it,
then soldered a jump ring on the top.  Another jump
ring was attached to the purchased metal feather charm
and tied on with  'Halloween-ish' looking string.

Scary Skull Pins

What's a girl to do with a bag of left-over skulls?  Accessorize, of course!
This beady-eyed, glittery-toothed skull wears a painted bottle cap crown. 

He or she, sports a chicken milagro, a Halloween colored bead dangle 
& some black-dotted ribbon.  The orange circle of floral ribbon is
gathered on one edge and attached to the bottle cap.  It was
stiffened with a coat of gloss gel medium.

A pin on the back makes it ready to accessorize any October outfit!

Here are a few more Scary Skull pins made in 
similar ways.

Steampunk Charm

This is  a Steampunk charm made from a 3-D metal finding 
on the front side and a smaller round filigree finding (not seen) on the back side. 
Together they sandwich between them, this reptilian eye.  

Holes punched in the top metal circle allowed me to weave copper wire in, out,
and around the filigree on the back, holding the eye securely in place.  A large jump ring
allows it to function as a pendant or charm.

As I was creating this element, I imagined looking through a portal 
into another universe and seeing this eye, looking back at me!   Or peering
out the portal of a submarine only to see the eye of a giant octopus! 

Or, if you are still focused on Halloween, eye of Newt will do!  

'Alice In Wonderland' Charms

I chose the White Rabbit to star in my 'Alice in Wonderland' charm.
Empty metal lockets from a garage sale
were transformed into his pocket watch.

Using a vintage clock face and an altered, vintage White Rabbit image, 
each was sealed and glued opposite one another inside the pocket watch with resin.  
The heart bead pendant attached the top is a nod to the Queen of Hearts.

The outside of the pocket watch is embellished with pre-made,
decorative floral images reminding me of those Alice wears on her hat.

Wish You Were Here!  Charms

One of the earliest charm swaps I ever joined had the theme 'wish you were here'!
Each of 20 participants was to pick a place where they would love to go and
create a charm about it.  In addition, each participant was to
create a 'postcard' to send others, also featuring the place of their dreams
and telling others 'wish you were here!'
Having lived there for five years, Thailand was my first pick of places to be!

My charms began as small wooden discs.  I pre-drilled tiny holes
in the edge of each disc and screwed in a small eye screw.
I found old Buddha and chedi images free online from a Thai website.
Each was punched out and sealed, then decoupaged onto either
side of the disc.  Gold glitter glue adorns the head of each Buddha figure.
The entire disc was sealed again.

Then I added small discs of iridescent mother of pearl to each disc as
a reminder of Thailand's connection with the oceans and with water.

The back side of the charm included a blue and orange image of a cheti
(not visable).   The accompanying postcards are below.

Witches' Cupboard Charms

(Sorry for the terrible photo.  It was taken long ago.)

My first ever charm creation was made for a Halloween charm swap called 'Witches' Cupboard'
I was to create something a witch might have in her cupboard and absolutely
nothing came to mind.  My older daughter, Angela, shared with me from her
stash of Scrabble tiles.

To each tile, I attach a Halloween image, one on each side.
First I found a pentagram star to seal and glue down.  I attached a small
googly eye to the center.  It was so long ago, I don't even recall what was
on the opposite side.

After painting the edges with orange glitter glue and sealing the tile,
I drilled a small hole through the corner and inserted a large 'O' ring.
A three-bead dangle also attached to the 'O' ring, and the charm was finished.

Other charms created for the swap were so fun and so creative,
this swap really inspired me to join other swaps and to practice my
charm making skills in different ways.

For a look at all the creations, fall this link to Michelle's reveal .