My Beautiful World

My Beautiful World

This is the place I call home. It is in the Pacific Northwest of the US,

a beautiful land with oceans and mountains and plains.

The weather is mild, a bit cool for some,

and moist.  I love it!

I enjoy taking photos when I'm out in nature.  
Here you will see my most recent ones first. 
Just scroll down to see earlier photos.

Autumn Colors

All the colors and textures of autumn take my breath away.

It is, by far, my favorite season.  Here are some shots from my garden.

Abandoned bird house

Grass seeds


Zebra grass

Summer's hosta leaf

A mixed bag

Two tone

Red maple in the rain

Yellow maple

My Forest Walk

My Spring Garden

Almost June in My Garden

A Raven visiting My Fountain

Today I took a walk to see if my old friend was still keeping watch in the woods.
He was, but this year he's looking a bit more like a walrus!